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The International Myopia Institute arose, as an initiative of the late Professor Brien Holden of the Brien Holden Vision Institute, who recognised the need to address the issues surrounding myopia, such as the growing prevalence of myopia around the world, the risks to vision, how clinicians should best manage myopia based on the latest evidence, while further advancing myopia research.

Collaboration and Education


The International Myopia Institute is a non-profit global organisation that will bring together all the researchers, clinicians, educators and policy makers, as well as all the information about myopia, making it accessible and easy to understand, and aims to promote the values of scientific integrity, collegiality, evidence based knowledge and preventing future blindness.
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Professional Education on Myopia

Management of Progressive Myopia: Clinical eLearning

How many times have you had a child with fast-progressing myopia, and their concerned parent asking what can be done about it? To date, you could treat their symptoms, but not the progression.

Research from the Brien Holden Vision Institute and its collaborators show that there are better ways to manage the onset and progression of myopia. Clinical trials involving children with myopia show it is feasible to diminish the progression of myopia for a better visual outcome for the child.

Management of Progressive Myopia: Clinical eLearning takes the latest advances in research and makes them clinically relevant for all eye care practitioners. It will change the way you understand myopia, help you identify candidates at risk, and empower you with the skills to better manage progressive myopia for your patients.
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